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A part of me wants to believe that I’m above it all – a hopeful part. That somehow I don’t need the things my body tells me I do. Mostly because I think that they hold me back. Prevent me from becoming the person I… Read More

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Fight The Feeling

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” I’ve never read the book but I’ve subscribed to the sentiment. This line has become something of a mantra for me in times of difficulty and struggle. It has helped me embrace my less desirable feelings and accept… Read More

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On Giving

I started feeding a cat recently. So it has been showing up at my door every morning and every night. Some days, I’ll open my door and she’ll just dash in, giving me a bit of a scare. At the beginning, I did so just… Read More

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Tired But Happy

We argue for our limitations, and they become our limitations. Every night I tell myself that I am going to take time to write, and I never do. I’m just too damn tired. If only I were an ageless vampire that never had to sleep.… Read More