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Prathom 1

For Nori …


  1. Christina Say

    Are those your students, Clarence? Who is Nori?

    How is your second year of teaching there coming along?

    Last week of school here. Sad that our school is closing. Fr


    Christina Say

    • sayasaurus

      Yes! These are my Prathom 1 (basically the equivalent of Grade 1) students. Nori is my friend from Japan who came to visit and told me that he’d like to see me post more pictures haha. Second year here has started out strong! Feel good about it so far. Yeah, such a different schedule. It’s sad that the school is closing, but I suppose all things happen for a reason. I sort of know the feeling since it was similar for me with St. Anne Catholic School in Memphis …

  2. Nori

    Looks awesome! I wish you good luck in the new term. Cheers from Japan.

  3. Christina Say

    P.S. Are you allowed to post pics of your students with the names on social media? Just don’t want you to get in trouble.

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    *Health Is Wealth*

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