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Letter to Singburi

If I could write this in Thai I would …

Thank you so much for showing me what it means to be content.

I will miss so many small things about living there with you all.

The mornings setting up the restaurant …

Using small rocks and bottle caps to compensate for broken table legs.

Learning little by little, day by day how to properly set the table.

Being told to sit and brought coffee, tea, and freshly prepared food.

Coming home and being told to shower …

Getting led to and from school via motorbike when I didn’t know the way.

Receiving timid phone calls if for some reason I am not home by 6:00. 

Hearing about every friend that came by to eat that particular day.

Constantly being told to eat, eat, and eat …

Sitting outside in the evening working on homework and studying.

Not being allowed to sleep until I finished writing the entire Thai alphabet.

Brought more food than I could eat, and sitting there until I finished.

Your generosity and kindness have been overwhelming …

If I could only repay all the kanoms that have been showered upon me.

Still remember the time on Valentines Day when you said “I love you.”

I’m not sure if you understood what it means, but I think I do …

It means that people are people regardless of where we are or come from.

And the ability to care for others is the greatest of all human accomplishments.

I’ll be sure to carry your example with me as a torch to light the way ahead.

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