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I’m Moving to Satun!

Finally know my placement site for the next two years!

This is seriously so huge.

Friends and family, I will be working at Phang Pam 2 School in Amphur Manang located within the Satun Province which is situated in what I suppose you could consider as the “Deep South” of Thailand right on the northern Malaysian border near Trang, Crabi, and Phuket.

According to my Site Identification Report:

“It is an Muslim community whose members come from a variety of places and live here peacefully. The government provides the land for everyone to do farming. Each family receives 18 Rai or 71.1 Acres. Most of the villagers are poor. They have a strong community leader that provides great support. The community does not accept drinking alcohol here. They speak central, south, and Yawi …”

The school currently has around 279 students and 17 teachers.

I’m ridiculously excited.

As much as I’d like to admit that I am also nervous, afraid, and unsure of what is to come, I feel ready … to work towards becoming the best teacher that I can possibly be. From what I understand, I will be working with two male co-teachers. Six other PCVs will be located nearby in a small cluster that we will hopefully be able to utilize in the future for larger scale projects and teacher trainings. My host family looks very promising and I am looking forward to learning the great art of the squat toilet very soon – heard it’s great for the quads. Feeling oh so #blessed.

For those of you planning on visiting, here’s a pin:


Also was asked to become the new Peace Corps Warden of the Deep South. So stay tuned for that update haha. In the meantime, we’re still out here in Singburi for a week before we have our co-teacher conference and get sent off on our separate ways. The feels are going to definitely be real these next few days. At least I won’t be completely alone. Say hello to my new best friends.

We will most definitely be spending a lot of time together.


Pre-Service Training has definitely been a great adventure, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are ready to move on and get to work at our sites. The energy today at the big reveal was electric and my chest was tight from anticipation. What a great relief to finally know where we are going! Heard the beaches in Satun are beautiful and the food and people are amazing.

It is going to be a seriously dope next two years.

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  1. Dee-Ko

    This is ridiculously awesome! Almost like the place we grew up in. Very humbling and what an amazing experience. I agree the only thing is tons of mosquitoes. But by the end of your journey, your skin will be pretty numb for all insects bite….hehehe!!!! One tip, guava leaves….Ahma used to boiled them and we will soak our legs in warm cook guava leaves water and it eases the itchiness and the swelling… 😉

    You take care and keep your journal coming because we do read it here and it is also good to know where you are and what have your experience taken you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Don’t forget our loving God will always be there with you! Trust in Him!!!

    Love you,


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