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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

I’ve read recently that actually the opposite is probably closer to the truth.

That time tends to unfold itself when we have the memories to look back on and reminisce over.

The things that make an impression on us tend to bookmark themselves into the folds of time allowing us to look back and realize that much has been done in such little time. It is only when we have nothing to remember that time truly collapses. Gaps that span for days, weeks, and even months at a time that can no longer be recalled. For me, writing here in this blog is starting to become an act of remembering. Taking a step back and trying to understand what is taking place in moments beyond my current reach. An unraveling of thought embedded in the actions of a distant yesterday because who I am is very much a part of who I have always been. Realizing that who I want to be is also very much a part of who I choose to be at each and every passing moment. That change is a simple shift of mindset away. That I am master of my own destiny.

Our PCV trip to Bangkok this past weekend was fun – more than enough to do, drink, and see.



It started out at around 6 o’clock in the morning with a walk to the bus station at Tha Kham. We had originally planned on taking a private van that had agreed to take us straight to the Peace Corps Office, but they cancelled on us last minute. It was, in the words of a friend, “probably the most Thai thing that could happen.” In the end, I feel like it ended up becoming one of those great blessings in disguise. I now know how to get from where I am to Bangkok … for the most part.


Welcome to PC Thailand Headquarters.

After our grand tour, we all parted our separate ways in search of adventure. Some of us decided to walk to Bed Station after which our big wan yut (holiday) in Krungthep (Bangkok) began. In no particular order (except maybe for the one in which I am currently narrating), I had a mac and cheese hamburger with fries, visited the Siam Center with its sprawling malls, bought a little North Face daypack, checked in and showered at the hostel, went out with a big group in search of Mexican food, drank, ate a pretty pricey breakfast burrito, consumed a handful of chips and dip, danced at the Havana Social Club, danced a bit more at Levels, and crammed into a tuk tuk back to sleep a few hours. Highlight of my day was definitely getting a chance to meet up with Gun, an old friend from high school that I haven’t seen since graduation some 8 years ago …

The morning was a bit rough for all of us, but we had a curfew to make. Brunch was New York style bagels and schmear followed by a trip to Chatuchak Market, which if you didn’t know, is actually the largest outdoor market in the world! Not surprised. Got lost just a little bit.

Made it home though in time for dinner which was there, ready and waiting like always …


Less than a week before we find out our site placement.

As excited as I am to start teaching again, I will miss this place more than I can put into words. Trying my hardest at the moment to stay present and not get too caught up in the rush of change that is to come.

Bangkok was fun, but honestly, coming home was funner.

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