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I’ve just eaten dinner.

Homework is finished. Emails have been checked. I’m up to date on Facebook and Line. The evening is nice and cool. Family dog and fan are to my left. Cars and motorcycles zoom past on the road to my right. Grandparents are watching a Thai gameshow on TV in the background. Host brother is sitting a few tables away wearing an apron, eyes glued to his smartphone, waiting for any late night customers. Pa is in the kitchen. I’m sitting with my “Learning Thai” book, a cup of ice water, and my computer. Thankfully, the wifi is working today. Everything is basically set.

And so I felt like I had to write something today.

Tomorrow, we have language cluster at Rongrien Anuban Tha Chang in the morning and professional development sessions in the afternoon. Fun fun. There is also a big ordination going down at Wat Sao Tong Hin this weekend. Pretty stoked about that. Oh yeah, and meet Kermit, the bathroom frog. He is one of the three homies I have been talking about. Does a great job of eating some of the bugs around the house. Here he is chilling in the water bucket for the toilet:


“What up?” – Kermit

Before I head up to bed, I need to pick up the clothes I washed today and hung up to dry in the backyard. We have an electric washer, but it needs to be hooked up manually to a little water spigot in the bathroom via long rubber tube. I then turn on the water to fill up the machine, throw in my clothes, sprinkle some detergent, and crank up the timer. After 12 or so minutes, I drain out the water and fill it again to rinse. When the rinse cycle is complete, I drain the water again, wring out my clothes, and toss them into a machine that spins them to get rid of excess water using centrifugal force. So, a centrifugal dryer? Pretty neat and easy. The setup and breakdown takes a bit of time, but it beats hand washing by a mile. Clothes then go up on the line. Since everything I have is quick dry, it only takes about an hour or so. Laundry days are great for reading catch up.

Currently, making my way through Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer.

Enjoying it a lot so far.

Weather wise, things are starting to heat up. Today was particularly hot and humid. Biking through large swathes of land with rice fields spanning as far as the eye can see, one tends to bump into pockets of heavy moisture. The sweating is real. There is still a nice breeze though that seems to come and go throughout the day. Mornings and evenings are nice. Finding a place to break has been a bit of a struggle. At the moment, a cement patch next to the field at the TCCS hub has been my afternoon practice spot. Still trying hard to get those continuous airflares.

Anyhow, I guess that is my little spiel for today. Wish I could have maybe thought of something deeper to write about. Delve into some complex issue or elaborate about the offbeat and exotic.

But the truth of the matter is that everything right now is pretty normal.

And normal is a good thing.

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  1. Madeline Falcone

    Lauren Lauren Lauren Oh I love and appreciate your blog – such beautiful vicarious travels for me. Such joy and appreciation! Love it girl! Oh and Dominic does miss you so …. wondering if we can send some pictures to you and share some of the ones you are sending with him and the other kids. All is well at FI – you are missed and we are so happy that you are loving your choice and life, dear one. You know I do not know where this reply is going or who is going to see it ! Figures huh, hope you are laughing! Blessings, Love and Light Madeline

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