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Waking Up

Thailand has changed me in more ways than one. 

For starters, socks have become a thing of the past for me – those of you that know me well can probably appreciate the enormity of that statement.

I wake up before dawn sometime between 4:30 and 5:30 (to catch a few early “cool” hours) and go to sleep before 10 every night. Some days I even turn in as early as 8:30. Mosquito repellent lotion applications happen before bed and as soon as I wake up. Cold, bucket showers have become normal. I don’t even care about water temperature anymore. I’m just happy to have a way to get clean after a long, hot and sweaty day. If there is a frog sitting on the toilet seat when I get up in the middle of the night to pee (which has become a thing), I don’t even flinch. I just tell him to get off and get on with my business. Toilets that I have to manually “flush” by scooping in the water are totes in these days. Toilet paper is for sure out. Hey, where are my wet wipes at?


I’m cool with most bugs (just not the blood sucking ones). When I find little “floaters” in my drink or flies in my food, I just pick them and and continue with my meal. Geckos on the ceiling or chilling next to me while I am lesson planning on my computer? No problem. Just stop making so much noise dude. I’ll even enjoy a piping hot bowl of coagulated blood, intestines, stomach, and liver soup for breakfast (with rice of course) since I know it was made with love and care by my host Pa. The smallest thing/s that still bother me are mosquito bites and even those are starting fade into the background. Besides, I’ve got like a covered fortress to sleep under at night. I guess what I’m trying to say is that more than a month in and I already feel like I’m learning to live an entirely different life. My decision to leave the smartphone world behind is still going strong and I’m slowly but surely learning how to communicate with people in Thai. Getting a lot darker too. Vendors at the market and even at Seven Eleven just assume that I’m a local and are surprised when I bust out the English. It’s starting to become a thing. Funny how I still feel so American … 

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