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Sunday At Home

For breakfast, my Pa helped me cook stir fried rice with chicken and basil (I’ll include the recipe in the footnotes). After that I was given some small cookies from the restaurant to eat. I spent some time helping out in the kitchen, did my laundry, read a bit, and then headed into town to look for some mosquito repellent. Instead, I found Pocky to munch on and cold green tea to sip while I browsed around. On coming home lunch was waiting which consisted of a wonderfully delicious pad see ew followed by a pork noodle soup. So full. Since there wasn’t any class today, I decided to go and visit the weekend market and see the monument of Bang Rachan heroes.

There, I bought a chunk of jackfruit for 10 baht which I picked apart by the river. Across the street, I visited the Bang Rachan heroes museum and biked back to my host families place to maybe browse the internet for a bit. Little did I know that they had plans to visit the weekend market and monument as well. Round two I guess! On returning to the market, I was bought a chicken pad thai and big round crunchy chip thing to eat. My host brother also got two orders of som tum (papaya salad) to go.

The moment we got home, we all basically dug into the som tum, and my other aunt brought a bag of sweet rice cakes with dried coconut on them for me from work. I ate it all with gusto thinking that this must be dinner. Nope. Dinner was waiting and consisted of a big bowl of rice, a pork and vegetable soup, a kind of spicy tuna salad, and rice noodles with curry. I ate so much it hurt. This was probably the first time I couldn’t finish everything. It was just too much.

Definitely loving it though.

Still in search of postcards to send home to everyone. As soon as I find some I promise to start writing … In the meantime, my poor belly is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger.

**Recipe for Pad Krapow Gai

  1. Fry an egg in oil over easy and put it aside
  2. Throw some oil in the pan along with a mixture of garlic, peppercorns, and dried red peppers (crushed with a mortar and pestle)
  3. Throw in some cut up uncooked chicken
  4. Throw in some cut up green onions
  5. Pour in a bit of chicken stock, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar
  6. After a bit, throw in some fresh basil
  7. Mix, toss, and scoop on top of rice
  8. Place the pre-cooked egg on top


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