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The Struggle

The struggle to stay away from social media is real … particularly since there is decent wifi here at the Golden Dragon Hotel in Singburi. I’m constantly seeing other PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers) Snapchatting, Instagramming, and scrolling through their Facebook feeds. And boy is it hard not to drop everything to join them. We’ve also all been given a smartphone to use while we are here. Not a great one mind you, but a smartphone nonetheless. So much for trying to disconnect. I’m debating as to what my next best step would be – transferring the SIM card over to “Link” or just forcing myself to use the thing strictly for basic functions. The fear is that communication will be harder if I don’t use the issued phone. On the flip side, I’m not entirely sure how long i can last with temptation. I am just seeing so many “post-worthy” moments! It isn’t an iPhone so I suppose the learning curve could prove to be a strong enough initial deterrent … 

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