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The Journey Begins

I’m here and it’s surreal.

Pretty sure I spent most of yesterday waiting to leave for San Francisco. Our journey begins at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel.

So far I’ve checked into my room, made a trip to the nearest In-N-Out, filled out a pre-registration survey that I’m pretty sure I failed, signed my Peace Corps passport, settled my student loan deferment papers, gotten a temporary debit card (which I need to to withdraw money for the next few days), registered, met up with the cohort … and oh man are there a lot of new people to meet! There are like upwards of 60 people here I think. It has been a real trip going around and introducing myself to every new face I see. A gaggle of us made a trip out last night to a bar and basically commandeered the place. There’s a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air.


I spent the better part of late last night lying in bed thinking about what is to come. There is still so much that is unknown. Got up early to hit the gym, read a little, and write. Orientation starts in like 15 minutes. Let’s see what the new day brings!

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