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Closing Thoughts

I’m all packed up and ready to go.

All that remains are a few hours before the drive to San Francisco where I’ll be meeting up with all the other Peace Corps Volunteers from around the country.

As I sit here in the guest room of my parent’s house typing, I see and hear the familiar. Sights and sounds that have made up my life over the past six or so months. The Napa Valley has grown on me, but I can’t help but think that this may be my last day living here. Ever. The incredible enormity of the finite. One chapter finished and another beginning. My life has been full of so much change. I’ve moved more times than I care to count. People have come and gone. Places regularly drifting in and out of focus. Things disappear and reappear. My periphery has become a fog of memories shifting to elude capture. Yet where I’ve been has undoubtedly come to shape me.

Who I am is a result of many years of growth … both fun and difficult.

Embracing the difficult though has always resulted in the most fulfilling of endeavors. As I set off from here today I am resolved to take on hardship and carry through the lowest of lows.

Thank you past for giving me memory.

Thank you future for always providing me with hope.

Hello present,

I hope to be up to the challenge.



  1. Michael Lim

    Clarence, you’ve never been timid. You embrace what is there. As you do now. That is a great thing. In every thing you do, you don’t count the cost as the present moment to you is sublime. The present is when the flower blooms, to be enjoyed. Enjoy this journey!

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