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New Years Resolution


Some things that I would like to do more of are:

  1. READ. Not just for school but for the fun of it.
  2. WRITE. Put thoughts into words on paper.
  3. WALK. Explore the world that surrounds me.
  4. LISTEN. Sit and hear what people have to say.

This year I’ve also decided to go Smartphone-less.


Meet my new friend “Link” …


He’ll be joining me on my journey out of the country and into the great unknown.

This blog is going to become my primary means of keeping friends and family up to date on my oh-so-exciting life. I’m not going to be on Snapchat anymore. Flickr has become my new Instagram. Facebook usage will be kept to a minimum. All in all I have decided to cut back on my social media usage and start trying to take greater control over my time and energy.

For me it feels like a step in the right direction … Here’s to 2017!

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