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Black Friday Is Here!

These are the four words people have been waiting to hear all year long – me included.

And yet, this time around I’ve seen it come and go without so much as a new pair of socks to cover my cold feet.

And no, there was no wave of timidity that swept over me.

I have no fear of large “trampling” crowds. I can door-bust with the best of them. Maybe it’s an Asian thing, but I can smell out good deals a mile away. Don’t think I was caught slipping. My cold feet were just … well … cold. Frigid. The opposite of hot and sweaty.

So not slippery at all.

I knew there were things I wanted to buy out there. And it took every ounce of hard earned self control to keep myself from dipping out unnoticed after Thanksgiving dinner to blow up the nearest popsicle stand (probably not using that phrase correctly). It’s just that I knew that the beating of my heart was echoing the beating of a drum that was not at all revolutionary. Rather, it was boringly robotic and cliche. Yet hauntingly so. There was no escaping the corporate tune.

Try as I might, everywhere I turned was a sale.

And if you come from a big family you know just how hard it is to look away. I’ve been trained from birth to buy things at a bargain. I ate discounts for breakfast. My inbox was full of 30% off this, 50% off that. Now through Monday, act now! There were so many things I put in my cart and took out just so I could get that residual high. Eventually I just had to turn off my computer and hit the gym. At least no one could sell me anything there (so long as I stayed hidden in a studio).

Still, it’s not too late to turn back. It is only Saturday. Cyber Monday is just around the corner. I can cut this diet and decide to take a big, sweet bite … gorge myself on some delicious deals. Who knows? Maybe I won’t regret it.

But I know I’m bigger than my appetite. Sure, it might be un-American, but fasting after the feast (Thanksgiving) feels like the healthy thing to do.

So for now, I guess I’ll stay thankful for what I already have.

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